Phone and Text Support Lines


The Teen Text Support Line has facilitated over 1,421 peer support conversations.

StrengthenME funds the expansion of the Intentional Warmline which remains elevated at a 30% increase in call volume since 2020.

StrengthenME funds have ensured that 2-1-1 callers have the opportunity to speak with an on-call Behavioral Health Specialist who provides emotional first aid and problem-solving assistance.

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Program Summary

These supports connect youth, people with mental health, trauma, or substance use challenges, frontline workers, and the general public with trained and compassionate Mainers who are knowledgeable of local resources available.

“[This] experience has impacted me greatly. It made me feel respected, and heard, and welcome. It also helped me get through some hardships and offered me great advice about how to deal with my problems, and for that I’m grateful!!”

— Teen Text Support Line
survey respondent

Frontline Worker Supports


2,031 Individual Support Encounters.

1,977 Group Support or Training Participants.

23,087 Lives Impacted

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Program Summary

StrengthenME Provider, Healthy Life EAP & Training, supports individuals in public service professions enduring ongoing work-related stressors (healthcare workers, social services agencies, EMS, teachers, etc.). Free and anonymous services include individual work/life coaching, wellness workshops, trainings, critical incident responses, facilitated group discussion, and leadership consultation.

“The trainer made me feel validated about the ON/OFF concept and asserting boundaries and being present at home and at work in the moment. Relevant to my work in the field with patients. Good information that can be applied immediately.”

— Frontline Worker Supports
survey respondent

Psychosocial Supports


~73% of services are facilitated in a language other than English.

35,091 documented Individual or Family Support Encounters.

20,373 Group Support or Education Event Participants.

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Program Summary

A coalition of ten community-based organizations that employ Community Health Workers or other peer support specialists who provide direct outreach to and support for Youth, Older Adults, Unhoused, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and People of Color communities, Immigrants, Refugees, Asylees, and other non-native English speakers.

“Before Covid-19 hit in March [2020], we were already working with many clients facing many, many barriers and challenges (emotionally, psychologically, and economically) that were further compounded by Covid-19….Community trust is a public health issue…[Our clients] need someone who they know they can trust and who has and continues to be accountable to their needs… We have been there for them as if they were our own family.”

— – Sanaa Abduljabbar,
Maine Access Immigrant Network